Susan Hammond

Carla Koch, gallery owner: “Susan Hammond’s glass objects are tranquil, captured moments; and there is something monumental about them. Fragility and robustness must be present even in the smallest work. Over the years her work has evolved from baroque shell- shaped forms, to quiet, scenic, vertical/standing artefacts in which the horizon plays a key role. There is scant use of colour.”

Hammond’s own comment about her work: “My biggest source of inspiration is nature, landscapes and rock formations; but also in plants and in water (in my earlier work). I do not intend to make copies: what I want is to embrace nature’s beauty. My glass objects are the results of emotions and sentiments that nature triggers in me. My current work is scenery-inspired: contrasts in rock texture, the skyline, views from a sea cliff. However, my so-called ‘urban pieces’ and ‘cityscapes’ draw on town architecture. I am also interested in the emptiness and space in and around the work. A colour tone is added only as an accent without being predominant. Static images, emanating silence/stillness as well as abundant energy.”